About Us

Fancy meeting you here......

Dan, Maranda, Kenna (6), and Avery (1)

We're both life-long residents of the Duluth area. We make our candles out of our home in Duluth, Minnesota. While pouring candles (and pretty much any other time) you will find us singing, dancing, laughing, and rocking out together. Maybe it makes the candles better......or maybe we're just a little crazy. Either way, there really is LOVE in what we do. Love within our candles, our family, and our world.

We strive to be as eco-conscious as possible in all we do -- work or play. We recycle, repurpose, compost, and reduce as much waste as we can. We love the Earth and we hope you do too.

Thank you for visiting us. Be well.

Dan & Maranda