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Wood Wicks - Any of our candles can be wicked with wood upon request for an additional $2. Just add to cart and specify in the check out notes which scents you would like with wood if ordering a combination.

Natural Notes

MN Campfire - Here at GNCC we like to spend our summer evenings gathered around a warm crackling fire in our backyard. We’d like to share that with you whether you’re in the neighborhood or miles from the Great North.

O Tannenbaum - A delightful blend of fresh winter evergreens sure to have you humming a tune. "How lovely are thy branches."

Great Outdoors - The perfect blend of evergreens, leaves, and a new forest path. For when you can't get out to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota forests, this is a lovely reminder until you can get back.

Autumn Leaves - We're pretty sure this is what happiness smells like. A leafy fresh scent with notes of bergamot is one of our favorites for Autumn. Close your eyes and picture a cool sunny woodland path. Like we said, happiness!

Spicy Notes 

Country Store - An awesome blend of pumpkin, apple, spice, and musk.

Spiced Cranberry - Hands-down our most popular winter scent. An incredibly strong blend of tart cranberries with a spicy flair. Simply a must have.

Cinnamon Stick - A natural spice and woody scent just like an actual cinnamon stick. A winter favorite!

Bakery Notes

Blueberry Muffins - Described in a word, "yum." Smells just like fresh blueberry muffins straight from the oven.


Blueberry Crumble Coffee - There's a lovely little gift shop on the North Shore of Minnesota that sells some amazing coffee. One of our favorites is their Blueberry Crumble Cake Coffee. It was pretty much mandatory that we capture that fresh brewed coffee smell into one of our candles.

Christmas Cookies - A delicious blend of sugar and shortbread cookies with a touch of spice. 

Clean Notes 

Candy Cane - Fresh peppermint with a touch of sweet is a sure win for the holiday season or any time throughout the year!


Eucalyptus - The cool refreshing scent of the oil from eucalyptus trees has long been hailed for its ability to ward of mental and physical fatigue. While not a native of the Great North, many days have been spent walking trails lined with these beautiful trees in Northern California while visiting a very dear friend.

Basil Sage Mint - A refreshing blend of herbal scents. One of our strongest candles and Maranda's favorite!   

Fresh Linen - The clean crisp smell of sheets fresh from the clothesline. You can almost smell the sunshine and the warm summer breeze!

Floral Notes

Gardenia - This island flower will flood your senses with its sweet and delicate scent.

Lilac - We love the fragrance of our fresh lilacs in the spring but they never seem to last long enough. Enjoy that very same scent all year long. One of our best sellers! 

Sweet Thing - Or "Sweet Thang" as Dan likes to say it is a playful blend of vanilla, berries and flora. A softer happy scent always makes us smile. 

Lavender - A true herbal scent of the lavender flower. Lavender has been used for decades promotes relaxation and tranquility.

Sweet/Fruity Notes

Pomegranate - Ripe juicy pomegranate is a traditional holiday fruit with strong connections to many cultures throughout history. Pomegranates have always been a favorite in our home and we hope you enjoy them as well!

Strawberry Jam - And we’re not talking about the store bought stuff here! The scent of mouthwatering fresh strawberries from the field blended with sugar and canned right in the kitchen. Home canning is a favorite pastime of ours and this one is a cornerstone of the season.

Lemon - A lovely tart and fresh lemon scent! No puckering of lips required!


Caramel Apple - A winning combination of fresh juicy apples and sweet warm caramel will have you reminiscing of the County Fair.
Vanilla Bean - A staple in anyone's home with a touch of white cocoa, cardamom, and brown sugar for a unique blend.
Pineapple Cilantro - The sweet scent of pineapple blended with a bit of fresh cut cilantro. An unexpectedly delightful combination!

Wildberry Tea - A delicious blend of tea, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries. One of our best year-round sellers.

Macintosh Apple - The crisp, juicy scent of a perfect red Macintosh Apple. Also known as the iCandle.

Twigs & Berries - A rustic blend of woody notes and sweet red berries from the forest. A year-round favorite!

Cucumber Melon - A light blend of cool cucumber, sweet watermelon and juicy honeydew.